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What is SAT-1?
At the abbreviation, SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test.
In early 90’s SAT was known as the SAT reasoning test or SAT-1. Later on, the former Scholastic Achievement Test was named again. Which we all know as SAT Subject Tests, and also as SAT 2. Usually the best solution to get tutoring to prepare for SAT 1 is to have a 1 on 1 home tutor for SAT 1.

Structure of SAT 1
Each edition of the SAT includes a Verbal and Math section, with a specific number of questions related to the content.

Scope of SAT:
The SAT Suite of Assessments helps students navigate their path through school toward college and further career. SAT1 offers a range of unique benefits to students. SAT-1 examination is compulsory, with exemptions to students who have opted for the ACT instead of SAT. While, only selective colleges require the SAT Subject tests. Most of the colleges require the SAT as an obligatory admission requirement while the SAT Subject Test remains a preferable option.
Few colleges require both examinations as compulsory requirements placing a demand of 3 obligatory SAT subject tests. Some colleges offer the flexible policy of submitting either the SAT or the SAT subject test reports.
SAT is all about Mathematics & English.

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